Concert de Jean-Michel Jarre en l'honneur des 25 ans de la NASA

ETC was formed by a group of people who shared an exciting new idea: realising large-scale image projections. This passion developed into a structured company, recognised the world over and, since 2002, part of the INEO group of companies, a subsidiary of GDF-SUEZ.

Today ETC is the result of a long journey of professionalization, research, development and, above all, the innovation of technical expertise showcased at the most ambitious projects.

Key dates in the history of ETC :

  • 1981 - Creation of the company ETC Audiovisual (Études et Techniques en Communication)
  • 1985 - ETC acquires its first video projector, a Sony 1042 tri-tube.
  • 1986 - Entry into the giant architectural projection history books with Jean-Michel Jarre’s public concert celebrating 20 years of NASA in Houston, Texas.
  • 1989 - The PIGI® (Projecteur d’Images Géantes Informatisées) system comes into being for the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution.
  • 1994 - Launch of the company’s London subsidiary, ETC UK Ltd.
     - Creation of ETC's Museography and Multimedia department.
  • 1997 - ETC moves into the field of large format video projection with the acquisition of their first high-powered video projectors (5,000 lumens).
  • 1998 - The inauguration of the Stade de France in Paris also saw the first performance of the PIGI flagship projector, the DDRA (automatic rotating double scroller).
  • 2000 - The PIGI range grows with the launch of the DDRM projector (manual rotating double scroller). The Pigi’S, a compact model (2.5kW & 4kW HMI), is aimed at use in theatres and concert halls.
  • 2002 - ETC UK is the first company to project images on the exterior of Buckingham Palace in London, to mark the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.
     - ETC Audiovisuel joins the INEO group of companies.
  • 2003 - The company begins the development of Onlyview®, a real-time control system for multimedia programming and multi-screen projection.
  • 2008 - Thanks to ETC, a Guinness World Record in the field of large-scale video projection is achieved. “Le Moulin à Images” (The Image Mill), boasts a continuous projected image 657m long and 33m high, making this the largest projection ever accomplished.
  • 2009 - ETC becomes the first company to realise a video projection show onto the Eiffel Tower. “La Tour est Belle” marks 120 years of the Tower at the 14th of July celebrations.