Lumière ! à Beaune

Hôtel Dieu
Musée du Vin
Chapelle Saint Étienne
Porte Marie de Bourgogne
Porte Marie de Bourgogne
Rempart des Dames

The town of Beaune, famous for its annual wine auction and its exceptional architectural heritage, attracts nearly 1.5 million visitors each year. As part of the town’s urban lighting plan, a night time pedestrian spectacular installed by ETC is offered to the public each year from June to September. Seven of the town’s emblematic sites become stages for a series of projection shows, and are linked together by LED installations marking the route between the sites. 

Client: City of Beaune / INEO
Concept: ETC / Jean-François Touchard / HUTINET
Image creation: Cosmo AV

  • Installation and implementation of video equipment at each site
  • Programming and playback of all the shows via Onlyview
  • Collegiate church: two 20K lumens video projectors
  • Hôtel Dieu: three 20K lumens video projectors
  • Wine Museum: one 16K lumens video projector
  • Saint Étienne chapelle: two 20K lumens video projectors
  • Clock tower: two 20K lumens video projectors
  • Porte Marie de Bourgogne (Tourist office): two 20K video projectors
  • Rampart des Dames: two 16K lumens video projectors


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