Projection onto the top of City of Congress' auditorium

At the initiative of GDF SUEZpartner of the "Folle Journée", and its subsidiaries INEO, COFELY and SUEZ Environment, a videoprojection show took place during the 18th edition of this classical music festival devoted this year to Russian music.
ETC projected onto the top of City of Congress' auditorium in Nantes, building fully circular.
It was an opportunity for young designers of the collective "mit", discovered by ETC on 2010 at Beaune's Festival of Lights competition , to present an original performance inspired by the Russian theme, its artistic trends in music and painting.

Client: La Folle Journée
Images: collectif mit

  • Using 2 x 18 K lumens videoprojectors
  • Encoding via ETC's control system Onlyview