Command Post new schedules SNCF

As part of the change in train schedules, a command post was set up from 1st December until 15th January, at the premises of the SNCF in “Gare de l’Est”.
Auditoire agency has used ETC to handle the multimedia installation, which includes 10 different items of broadcasts (LED screens, projection) wich can receive 28 different image sources (TV, DVD, computer, video conferencing ... ) and 6 sound sources.
The whole system is controlled via the Medialon show control and managed by an operator SNCF to switch different sources online.

Production: Auditoire

  • Installation of a 7 000 lumens videoprojector which can transmit 1, 4 or 6 images simultaneously.
  • Using 4 LED screens 46 inches.
  • Driving all over the show control Medialon.